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DM Bruce Associates

4911 Legends Drive, Lawrence, KS 66049

(785) 832-2600  ::  (800) 696-6264


About Our Company

We genuinely care about family.

It has been said that behind every great man is an even greater woman. The beginning years of Max’s business were made possible largely through the financial and moral support provided by his wife, Ruth. Throughout their 45+ years of marriage, Ruth has stood beside Max. Through several moves from one city to another, through countless hours, days and weeks of Max traveling, Ruth has provided the support necessary to grow a business and raise a family.

Each of Max and Ruth’s children have, at some point, been employed by the firm. This taught them values and responsibility, and offered first-hand experience in how to treat others with respect and love.

We believe that a personal relationship with God, through his son, Jesus Christ, is imperative in one’s daily life. It is through each of our own personal relationships with God that we have become who we are and learned how to treat others with patience, love and understanding.

We believe that our talents and abilities are God-given. We are thankful for these gifts, and for the group of loyal clients that give us the opportunity to use them on a daily basis.

We genuinely care about each of our clients.

Understanding the client is central to everything we do; we advise the client according to their needs, their goals and their plan for success.

We diligently strive to earn and keep our client's trust and confidence; in return, we give back our complete honesty and total integrity.

We provide comprehensive solutions through proactive strategies utilizing a broad array of financial products and services.

We work as a team and expect uncompromising quality from each member in knowledge, experience, creativity and follow through.

The ultimate success of our client is our only success.